recently, the slum juice brand was created.

slum juice was a joke that i, the founder, crated after drawing logos for fake sodas brands, and i ended up creating this joke/not joke company that i am kinda running all on my own. Slum Juice is a joke, and so is ACME Soda's, but it's not really becoming much of a joke anymore! i code this website for a hobby, but it still updates people on "here's a new funny website page!" or "here's a funny image i put on the 404 page!" or something related to that. it's a hobby, but I enjoy it more and more. i recently created a label for a bottle of Slum Juice, and i'm comtemplating about getting a sodastream to take my ideas farther.

i have been really enjoying what i do for this website, and i really hope you do too. thanks for being here.

Owned by ACME Soda's and Slum Juice

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